Opening Day

Opening Day is a simple, but timeless coming together at the beginning of a new season, in this case, for those of us who have, for one or more reasons, been smitten by the joy of golf croquet at the Milwaukee Croquet Club at Lake Park.

Opening Day officially kicks off our annual golf croquet season, which consists largely of doubles and singles leagues held throughout the week, and throughout the summer, from June to October, in summer and fall ball sessions.   

Opening Day is a time to renew old friendships and to start new ones. It is a time for casual play, in “pick-up” games, with a wide variety of different partners and combinations.  The idea is to play and have fun. To meet and greet and renew.  If you’re new to this sport, come check us out and determine if you’d like to join us this summer.

Opening Day is about community, camaraderie.  Food and beverages are on the docket for a fun afternoon among a great group of members. 

To be eligible to play in our Golf Croquet Summer Leagues you must register by May 10. To inquire about registration contact us at